Songs and Cheers

The Huskies Pep Band plays a large variety of music. With well over 100 songs to choose from, with the exception of the "Fight Song," it is rare that you will hear them play a piece more than once per game/weekend.

Audience participation is a must in many of the songs. You can clap your hands, get up and dance, or even sing along! The lyrics to many of our songs can be found below.

Songs, Cheers, and Jeers

Fight Tech, fight Engineers.
For banners bright Engineers.
From Northern hills, we’ll sound our cry,
We’ll ring your praises to the sky!

In Heaven there is no beer.
That’s why we drink it here.
And when we’re gone from here,
Our friends will be drinking all our beer.

We are, we are, we are, we are, we are the engineers.
We can, we can, we can, we can drink all of forty beers.
Drink up, drink up, drink up, drink up, and come along with us,

[near the end of the third period if we are winning.
A trumpet player will start off by playing the Mickey Mouse club closing music]

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