The Beginnings

From the 1930 Keweenawan:

The Michigan Tech R.O.T.C. band was organized in the autumn of 1928, partly in order to provide military music for the R.O.T.C. unit, and partly in order to satisfy the demand for a musical organization that would represent the College at athletic contests. At present, only fifty percent of the band are members of the R.O.T.C., but within a year the: band will be composed entirely of members of the Unit. The College and the Government have cooperated in providing the band with equipment and uniforms. Tech had the good fortune to secure as director of the band, Mr. E. E. Melville, an experienced and professional musician.

Taking advantage of a nucleus of trained musicians around whom to build his organization, Director Melville has accomplished results attainable only by a talented bandmaster, and it is largely to him that the band owes its rapid· advancement. At present the band is a well-balanced musical unit possessing an instrumentality of thirty-five pieces. During the past two years it has played at all home football games, at the Sunday Evening Get-Togethers, at Commencement Day Exercises, at various R.O.T.C. drills, and at- the ceremonies held on Armistice Day, 1929 .. and on Memorial Day, 1930. It has likewise furnished some of the music at the Military Balls on December 13, 1929, and on May 29, 1930. Since a number of near-by towns and cities have requested an opportunity to hear the band, a program is now being drawn up for a series of concerts to be given throughout the Copper Country, and perhaps the Iron Country as well, in the winter and spring of 1930-31.

The band regrets exceedingly, the loss of Mr. Melville as a director, but feels sure that as a result of the efforts he has put forth in its behalf, and with a continuance of the cooperation of students, faculty, and townspeople, “The Pride of Michigan Tech” should progress until it is on a par with the best college bands in he Middle West.