ScrambleCON 2007

At the beginning of Thanksgiving Break, four members of the Huskies Pep Band, went to New York City to meet with the Columbia University Marching Band and members of the University of Virginia Pep Band. The attending DaWGs participated with the Columbia band in the Coumbia vs. Brown football game, and also got to see the Brown University Band perform. It was an enlightening experience for the DaWGs, and all participants in the weekends festivities seem to have learned a thing or two from one another. Look forward to some of the lovingly ripped-off and/or adapted ideas the DaWGs came back with.

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Hobo Weekend

Last Friday night, as part of the Michigan Tech’s Homecoming Festivities, was the annual Hobo Parade through downtown Houghton. In spite of rain, indecisive organizers, and a police investigation, the Pep Band was there in full strength, leading the trail of Hobos past crowds a little smaller than average, but just as happy to see them as always.

Saturday afternoon the MTU Football team hosted the Ferris State University Bulldogs in a lightning-delayed blow-out. After seeking temporary refuge in the SDC, the Pep Band made its way to Sherman Field and gave a solid performance to back up the 40-12 victory by the Football team.

Saturday night, the Hockey Huskies hosted the Varsity Blues of The University of Toronto in an exhibition game, and the home Hockey opener. They were helped to a 7-0 shutout by a record-breaking 170 person Hobo-style Pep Band. Also

Huskies Pep Band on TV 6

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New Website


Welcome to the new and improved on-line home of the Huskies Pep Band and DaWGs. There are still a few kinks to work out, but everything should more or less be in order. If you run into any problems please shoot me and e-mail at ksbarnt–at–mtu–dot–edu.


For Your Aural Pleasure

MTU Proudly…err…Loudly Presents:

For Your Aural Pleasure

You’ve heard them bring energy and excitement to Sherman Field, the Wood Gym, and the MacInnes Ice Arena. They’ve spread the love to Michigan Stadium, Joe Louis Arena, and the Xcel Energy Center. Now they want to come into your living room with their latest album.

  • Featuring 26 of the Pep Band’s timeless tunes and taunts from
    “In Heaven There is No Beer” to “The Copper Country Anthem”
  • Available on Compact Disc AND Gold Vinyl Gramophone
    Record (LP)

Order your copy today!

Join The Huskies Pep Band

Joining the Huskies Pep Band is simple. All you have to do is show up to our “Band Camp” rehearsals Friday, August 31 from 3 PM to 7 PM and Saturday, September 1 from 9 AM to 11 AM in McArdle Theater in the Walker Arts and Humanities Center. If you can’t make it to one of those rehearsals, just come to one of our regular rehearsals, every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 to 5:30 PM, and we’ll get evertything set for you. There’s no audition required, all you need is some musical experience (and even if you don’t have that we can probably work something out.)

Monty Python Themed Halftime Show (Bash at the Big House)

As part of a fundraising effort for Michigan Tech Football, the Michigan Tech Huskies hosted the Grand Valley State Laker at the University of Michigan Football Stadium. This was the first NCAA Division II game at the Big House in more than 20 years, and organizers hoped to beat the attendance record established Sept. 29, 1979, during a game between Pennsylvania teams Shippensburg and Slippery Rock.

The Huskies Pep Band, 160 members strong including 36 alumni, left their mark in Ann Arbor with their now infamous Monty Python Themed Halftime Show. How many other bands can say they fertilized an egg in front of 51,000+ people and then celebrated with a beer?


Nicholas Enz Era begins…

Nicholas Enz begins as director of The Huskies Pep Band (continues until 2012).   Notable accomplishments with The Huskies Pep Band:

  • Awarded “Most Humorous Entry” in the 2011 National Cherry Festival Parade (2011).
  • Increased size of Huskies Pep Band from 80 members to 250 to help cover over 60 athletic and community events per year.
  • Appeared in two Traverse City Michigan National Cherry Festival Parades (2010, 2011).
  • Produced Aural Pleasure, first CD, now in second pressing (2007).
  • Selected as host band to the WCHA Final Five Hockey Tournament in St. Paul four years in a row (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)
  • Appeared in two St. Paul Minnesota Saint Patrick’s Day Parades (2006, 2007).
  • Purchased new Stripes (2005) and secured manufacturer for regular purchases.
  • “Monty Python” theme halftime show at The Bash at the Big House for 50,000+ attendees (2004).

2004-05 Season – Student Directors: Nick “Spanky” Ware, Adam Kaczynski  – Manager: Matt Black  – Librarian: Jill Recla

Notable halftime shows: Monty Python (Bash at the Big House), BA! Pong



2005-06 Season – Student Directors: Adam Kaczynski, Bret Wazny, Susan Janiszewski –  Manager: Jon Woodhams – Librarians: Roger Weiss, Stef Block



2006-07 Season – Student Directors: Bret Wazny, Kristin Schmidtke, Mitch Schuh – Managers: Jared Warren, Kenny Barnt –  Librarians: Mike Maksimchuk, Stef Block, Derek Roche, Jake Appold



2007-08 Season  – Student Directors: Bret Wazny, Kristin Schmidtke, Mitch Schuh, Greg Karlovits – Manager: Kenny Barnt – Librarians: Mike Maksimchuk, Jake Appold, Derek Roche, Kate Henshaw



2008-09 Season – Student Directors:  Mitch Schuh, Greg Karlovits, Katie Becker, Neil Wisniewski  – Manager: Kenny Barnt  – Librarians: Jake Appold, Kate Henshaw



2009-10 Season – Student Directors: Kenny Barnt, Drew Maki, Chris Valliere   – Manager: Katrina Swanson  -Librarian: Jake Appold, Angela Hallo

Notable halftime shows: Tribute to Those Number One Hits That Make You Groan, Tribute to Internet Phenomena (Battle at the Ballpark)



2010-11 Season – Student Directors: Kenny Barnt (1st Semester), Nathan Booms, Grant Cox, Chris Valliere, Neil Wisniewski – Manager: Matt Barry – Librarians: Angela Hallo, Dani Terry

Notable halftime shows: Sing-A-Long to Songs Most People Only Know Five Words To, Tribute to Michael Jackson Tributes  



2011-12 Season – Student Directors: Grant Cox, Nathan Booms, Paul Zimmerman, Alex Slepak – Manager: Matt Barry – Librarians: Dani Terry, Luke Sebensfeldt

Notable halftime shows: Tribute to Break-ups and Make-ups, Tribute to Teenage Rebellion, Tribute to Waiting

The Alton Thompson years…

Alton Thompson (aka Captain Clambake) serves as director of The Huskies Pep Band (continues until 2004). Notable accomplishments with The Huskies Pep Band:

  • Created the pep band’s official introduction: “The Cream of the Keweenaw, The Pride of Pastyland, The Second-best Feeling in the World…” (2002).
  • Introduced the student announcer at football games (2002).
  • Pep Band blimp purchased (2003).

Photo Gallery from early 2000s

2002-03 Season – Student Director: Ward Rietz, Michael Melvin – Librarian: Nathan Ferrier



2003-04 Season – Student Directors: Michael Melvin, Karisa Roell – Librarian: Nathan Ferrier

Notable Halftime Shows: Salute to the Cold War


The Jesika Cane Year



2001-02 Season – Student Directors: Ward Rietz, Carrie Majkrzak – Manager: Nathan Erickson – Librarian: Nate Ferrier