Another Year, Another Band Camp

It has been a year to the day since the last real update to our website, and for that I must apologize. This is why I stopped doing my own blog 😛

Anyway, you’ll notice some changes to the site, so take a look around, and join us for band camp Friday, August 28 at 3 PM in McArdle Theater.

The band releases its first CD: Aural Pleasure


The band releases its first CD: For Your Aural Pleasure with all of the Michigan Tech favorites including:

2001 Intro

In Heaven There is No Beer

The Copper Country Anthem


Beer Barrel Polka

Fight Tech, Fight!



Fall Closing In

Long time, no post, I know, I know, but the off-season normally doesn’t usually bring too much news-worthy to the Huskies Pep Band. Here’s a quick run-down of what you might have missed, followed by some information about the start of the new season.

In April the Pep Band Banquet saw rookies become returnees and the normal slew of awards including the 111th Annual Aaron Buche-Vold Little Swimmers Award, and the revival of the Best Cross Dresser award (this year given to Will “Big Willie” Schultz (1st year BA!) for his stunning outfit from hobo weekend. Also announced were the new Assistant Student Directors or Semi conductors: Neil Wisniewski (1st Year Bells) and Katie Becker (3rd Year Tone). In a unique turn of events, upon the couple being awarded the “Next to Get Hitched Award”, Kenny Barnt (3rd Year BA!) proposed marriage to Kate Henshaw (2nd Year BA!) with some help from the rest of the BA! section. The proposal is available on YouTube here.

This summer, the MTU Board of Control approved the somewhat controversial Experience Tech Fee. This $64/semester fee gives students free access to the Portage Lake Golf Course, Mont Ripley, MTU Home Hockey Games, and Visual and Performing Arts productions in McArdle and the Rozsa Center. The institution of this fee will allow the Pep Band (and many other VAPA-supported ensembles and productions) to be better funded than in the past.

That about wraps it up for the off-season, so on to this coming year. Preseason Band Camp will be held Friday, August 29 From 3 PM to 7 PM (Dinner provided), and Saturday, August 30 from 10AM to noon. Immediately following the Saturday portion of Band Camp is the first Football game, against Winona State. The rest of the season’s schedule will be posted soon. Also, band members using calendar programs that support the iCal format can subscribe to the calendar here (webcal) or here (http).

Once again, WCHA Final Five Host Band

The band was selected as the host band to the 2008 WCHA Final Five Tournament in St. Paul, MN.


This past weekend the Husky Women’s Basketball Team participated in the NCAA Great Lakes Regional Tournament in Springfield, Missouri. Unbeknownst to the team, the Athletic Department arranged for a small contingent of the Spring Breaking Huskies Pep Band to make the trip as well.

Thursday morning two vans left Houghton, both bound for Springfield, but one going through Wisconsin to pick up breaking students, and the other going through the Lower Peninsula for the same purpose. Early Friday morning both vans arrived in Springfield to rest briefly before the Ladies’ game. The game was a hard-fought battle between the Huskies and the Miners of Missouri S&T (Formerly University of Missouri-Rolla) that the Miners ended up coming out on top of. That evening at dinner the band Huskies showed their trivial prowess by dominating the network trivia game at Buffalo Wild Wings, at one time with the three band tables in the top three spots at the restaurant and the “MTU Gold” Table winning three straight rounds to be ranked 28th in the nation.

Saturday morning the vans set out again, this time with fewer detours, making it back to Houghton in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

A fun time was had by all, in spite of the 37 hour, 2200 mile drive for a paltry 27 hour stay, but with any road trip, isn’t the trip at least half the fun?

NCAA Regional Tournament Band

The Second Best Feeling in St. Paul, and Other News

To the surprise of many, the WCHA has invited the Pride of Pastyland, for the third year running, to be the official host band of the WCHA Final Five Tournament in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, this year the Final Five tournament does not coincide with the St. Paul St. Patrick’s day parade, so the band will be looking for alternate venues where they can spread our special band of organized chaos.

In other news, Semiconductor and DaWGs Staff elections were held yesterday in rehearsal. Results still aren’t in Results for the Semiconductor race won’t be known until the Pep Band Banquet on April 6, but there was good competition all around. Nick Enz even said that this year’s batch of potential arm-wavers is quite possibly the best there has been in a long time. For the DaWGs staff the EERC Tree was elected president but was declared an unconstitutional candidate, so Scott “Ace” “Sieve” “I rigged my own presidential election” Nelson, 3rd Year Sieve..erm…’rumpet, is the new president-elect of DaWGs. For Vice President Katie Becker, 3rd Year Tone, beat out rookie Tenor Chelsea Kittinger. In a surprising turn 3rd year Flute Megan Knudstrup beat out nth year Bone Mike Oxlong for Treasurer. By a difference of one vote 2nd year Tenor Heather Courier defeated rookie Concussionist Brittany Ondraka, who has been named rookie rep for the remainder of this year and the begining of next year.

In other, other news, Faculty Director Nick Enz, who has been expected to be in his final season with the Huskies Pep Band, has announced that he will return again next year, reprising his role as director of both the Pep Band and Wind Symphony. Students from both ensembles have been rejoicing at the news that they will not lose their beloved director. This is Nick’s fourth year as Faculty Director of the Pep Band, a post he gained unexpectedly after the abrupt departure of his predesesor, Alton Thompson. At the start of his first season many returning students, unaware that Thompson was no longer with the Band, took Nick to be a rookie, but soon found him to be one of the greatest directors the band has known.

A Zero Visibility Parade!

Not every band can say that they regularly participate in zero visibility, sub-zero parades. Here is a picture of those band members that braved the 2008 Heikenpaiva Parade.heikkenpaiva.jpg

The Fourth Best Feeling…

This Winter Carnival was a joyous time as always.  Some of the highlights include the one nibble the BA!s got while ice fishing and the broomball team taking 4th place (Kenny actually made an opponent puke with one of his ubershots!)

Here is a video of Carny Kenny bringing people into the golf course!

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Also, check out this article from the Detroit Press mentioning the band.

Band Broomball Crazy with Carnival Coming

With the Spring Semester in full swing, many eyes are focused on the Broomball rinks. This year is a momentous one in Pep Band broomball with 6 teams being fielded by members of the Pep Band. In the DHH League are the perennial Instruments of Pain from the band at large and The Bones of Contention from, oddly enough, the Bones. In the McNair League we find the ChuBAcabras from the BA! section, who last year competed in the Off Campus League. The band is best represented (at least in terms of the number of teams) by The Bones (Bones), The Nick Enz Experience (BA!s), and The Forte Force (band at large.)

And this time of year any eyes not looking at the Broomball rinks are looking at the snow statues going up around campus and thinking about everything that goes into Carnival. Groundbreaking on this years 8-1/2 Hole Golf course will take place Tuesday evening and band members are getting prepped to participate in activities like Ice Fishing, Ice Bowling, Human Dogsled, Curling, Skiing, Broomball, and many more. Also, for the second year in a row the band is able to take a breather with only Hockey performances.

Look here for updates on everything carnival and DaWGs Broomball.

Basketball Starts

The Pep Band was there to cheer on the Huskies Women’s Basketball team as they destroyed their opponents. Minnesota Duluth had no chance especially in the presence of the almighty Pep Band. Those stripes area powerful thing don’t ya know. The band started this season off well with their antics, though the tricycle has yet to make an appearance. The Flooters made a great impact, 6 members strong they showed great spirit. Good work to all.