The Huskies Pep Band (better known in some circles as the DaWGs Organization) is advised by the faculty director and led by an elite squad of conductors, not the least of which is the faculty director. In addition, a greater team of lesser leaders fill other important roles in the band, and have for the last forty thousand years.

Directing Staff
 Mike Mike Christianson

Faculty Director
Major Major

IMG_71873802709769 Britta Anderson

Student Conductor
4th year Electrical Engineering

dawgs staph profile Claire Allison

Student Conductor
4th year Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Garrett Garrett Mitchell

Student Conductor

3rd year Psychology

image Zach Evans

3rd year Psychology

Andrew Summers Andrew Summers

2nd year Sound Design




Top Dawgs
Sarah Skelton – Manager
4th year Band Manager (not really)
Randy Bufanda – Music Librarian
4th year Computer Networking & System Administration
Joel Icard – Concussion Coordinator
4th year Clinical Lab Science
Kara Bakowski – President-Regent to the Late
4nd year Materials Science and Engineering
 Drew Markel – Vice President
4thyear Culinary
 Jackie Harms – Treasurer
5th year Chemical Engineering
 Gina Testa – Secretary
4th year Wildlife Ecology
  Dave Schreifels – Webmaster
3rd year Psychology



Section Leaders
 Kendra Grossman – Flooters
4th year Chemical Engineering
Brian Flachs – Clarinets of Honour
3rd year Mechanical Engineering
Randy Bufanda – A.S.S. (Alto Sax Section)
4th year Computer Networking & System Administration
Patrick Koro – Ten’or so (Tenor Sax Section)
4th year Management
Peter Vertin – Ten’or so (Tenor Sax Section)
4th year Computer Science
Jade Woiderski – F’n Horns
4th year Biology
Kayla Branton – F’n Horns
4th year Mechanical Engineering
Matt Pirkola – Bones
3rd year Chemical Engineering
Dave Rushlow – Bones
2nd year Mechanical Engineering
Kimberly Stanke – Tones
4th year Applied Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering
Mike Middleton – ‘Rumpets
4th year Computer Engineering
Peter Winegar – ‘Rumpets
2nd year Chemistry
Pat Gillman – BA!s
4th year Anthropology
Charlie Hayes, probably – Concussion – Quads
Majoring in Not Filling Out Google Forms At All
Joel Icard – Concussion – Snares
Majoring in Not Filling Out Google Forms Properly
Kara Bakowski – Concussion – Bass Drums
4th year Operations and Systems Management
Angelena Crispo – Concussion – Aux
5th year Electrical Engineering