Then and Now

Music is a great example of a dynamic art form. Each performer of a song brings their own personality and style to their interpretation of the composer’s work. Over time a song can even come to resemble it’s earlier versions in little more than name. A great example of this is the Michigan Tech Fight song.

This first version is a restoration of a 1948 recording of Warney Ruhl and His Band performing Fight Tech Fight, Engineers! Weighing in at 2:29 this recording is not only much longer than the 0:53 recording of the song (with tags) from the 2007 Album For Your Aural Pleasure. It is vastly different in style as well, with more of a march/polka feel. The modern version also features a Wind introduction, as opposed to the drum roll-off of the earlier version, and tags at the end in place of more repetitions of the main melody.

Personally I think the newer version is much Peppier, but perhaps I’m biased. Either way, it’s interesting to see where we came from.

Fight Song, 1948 Style (mp3 3.42 MB)

Fight Song, 2007 Style (mp3 2.03 MB)

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