This past weekend the Husky Women’s Basketball Team participated in the NCAA Great Lakes Regional Tournament in Springfield, Missouri. Unbeknownst to the team, the Athletic Department arranged for a small contingent of the Spring Breaking Huskies Pep Band to make the trip as well.

Thursday morning two vans left Houghton, both bound for Springfield, but one going through Wisconsin to pick up breaking students, and the other going through the Lower Peninsula for the same purpose. Early Friday morning both vans arrived in Springfield to rest briefly before the Ladies’ game. The game was a hard-fought battle between the Huskies and the Miners of Missouri S&T (Formerly University of Missouri-Rolla) that the Miners ended up coming out on top of. That evening at dinner the band Huskies showed their trivial prowess by dominating the network trivia game at Buffalo Wild Wings, at one time with the three band tables in the top three spots at the restaurant and the “MTU Gold” Table winning three straight rounds to be ranked 28th in the nation.

Saturday morning the vans set out again, this time with fewer detours, making it back to Houghton in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

A fun time was had by all, in spite of the 37 hour, 2200 mile drive for a paltry 27 hour stay, but with any road trip, isn’t the trip at least half the fun?

NCAA Regional Tournament Band

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