The Second Best Feeling in St. Paul, and Other News

To the surprise of many, the WCHA has invited the Pride of Pastyland, for the third year running, to be the official host band of the WCHA Final Five Tournament in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, this year the Final Five tournament does not coincide with the St. Paul St. Patrick’s day parade, so the band will be looking for alternate venues where they can spread our special band of organized chaos.

In other news, Semiconductor and DaWGs Staff elections were held yesterday in rehearsal. Results still aren’t in Results for the Semiconductor race won’t be known until the Pep Band Banquet on April 6, but there was good competition all around. Nick Enz even said that this year’s batch of potential arm-wavers is quite possibly the best there has been in a long time. For the DaWGs staff the EERC Tree was elected president but was declared an unconstitutional candidate, so Scott “Ace” “Sieve” “I rigged my own presidential election” Nelson, 3rd Year Sieve..erm…’rumpet, is the new president-elect of DaWGs. For Vice President Katie Becker, 3rd Year Tone, beat out rookie Tenor Chelsea Kittinger. In a surprising turn 3rd year Flute Megan Knudstrup beat out nth year Bone Mike Oxlong for Treasurer. By a difference of one vote 2nd year Tenor Heather Courier defeated rookie Concussionist Brittany Ondraka, who has been named rookie rep for the remainder of this year and the begining of next year.

In other, other news, Faculty Director Nick Enz, who has been expected to be in his final season with the Huskies Pep Band, has announced that he will return again next year, reprising his role as director of both the Pep Band and Wind Symphony. Students from both ensembles have been rejoicing at the news that they will not lose their beloved director. This is Nick’s fourth year as Faculty Director of the Pep Band, a post he gained unexpectedly after the abrupt departure of his predesesor, Alton Thompson. At the start of his first season many returning students, unaware that Thompson was no longer with the Band, took Nick to be a rookie, but soon found him to be one of the greatest directors the band has known.

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