Band Broomball Crazy with Carnival Coming

With the Spring Semester in full swing, many eyes are focused on the Broomball rinks. This year is a momentous one in Pep Band broomball with 6 teams being fielded by members of the Pep Band. In the DHH League are the perennial Instruments of Pain from the band at large and The Bones of Contention from, oddly enough, the Bones. In the McNair League we find the ChuBAcabras from the BA! section, who last year competed in the Off Campus League. The band is best represented (at least in terms of the number of teams) by The Bones (Bones), The Nick Enz Experience (BA!s), and The Forte Force (band at large.)

And this time of year any eyes not looking at the Broomball rinks are looking at the snow statues going up around campus and thinking about everything that goes into Carnival. Groundbreaking on this years 8-1/2 Hole Golf course will take place Tuesday evening and band members are getting prepped to participate in activities like Ice Fishing, Ice Bowling, Human Dogsled, Curling, Skiing, Broomball, and many more. Also, for the second year in a row the band is able to take a breather with only Hockey performances.

Look here for updates on everything carnival and DaWGs Broomball.

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