Huskies Pep Band Camp 2016: This One’s For The Kiddies!




The 2016 Huskies Pep Band Camp (or, as it is known in Iceland: 2016 Huskies Pep hljómsveit Tjaldvagnar) shall taketh place as follows:

Friday, August the 26th, REHEARSAL, McArdle Theatre, 4:30PM-8:30PM, EDT.

Saturday, August the 27th: MORE REHEARSAL, 9:30-11:30AM, EDT: Sherman Field,
(wherein we will practice invading merely one of the areas which we regularly or whimsically invade during our year)

That is mostly it. As we are the Most Civilized Variety of Sportsball Ensembles™ (not according to the New York Times, although they love us enough to have featured our honking splendor in a 2014 article online), we DO NOT spend time “intentionally forming shapes, ranks or files”, we just play music AND think of ways to have legal fun! Show up ready to honk and/or bonk! (by bonk we mean to operate a percussion instrument with the requisite motion necessary to generate a loud/stentorian sound, and we mean that alone!)

Other Items of Possible Necessity:

  1. Instrument/Locker rental: If you need an instrument (and in the HPB you mostly do…) and wish to use one of the school’s, you can, in some cases rent one! (You can also sign out a locker to store most instruments at $25US for the calendar year) The time that you should do this is: Friday August 26th, from 11-1PM in Rozsa 208.
  2. Bring your accessories: Mouthpieces, reeds, lyres, oil, sticks, (we provide mallets) shrubberies, alpacii, and of course, herring.
  3. Bring EARPLUGS: If you have them! We are a very LOUD band, for strategic pep reasons. We want you to BRING IT, (powerful sound) but we also don’t want you to LOSE IT (your hearing, or your herring….see what I did there?), as you’ll need that if you are ever selected for the Pulitzer Prize…don’t laugh, it happened on this very campus two years hence We can sell you a high-quality set at any time for about $6US as we have a sponsorship with a very fine maker of excellent earplugs.
  4. Food! There is a very helpful, industrious, benevolent music-support organization on campus called Mu Beta Psi. Their mission is to support music as non-majors. They will provide a dinner on Friday evening for all of us! Start thanking them now, and continue doing so all year.
  5. Hats: The Huskies Pep Band reveres and values stylish head-wear! (and by “stylish” we mean outrageous, ridiculous, and singular!) You are not required to wear said head-gear to the first meeting, but we’d like you to start imagining what might suit you. You are eventually required to sport an odd or physics-defying hat at all public events. Extra points are given if your hat features: electronics, self-defense mechanisms, or the ability to block out the sun. May your “headwear hopes” be “haberdashed”!
  6. Safety: Safety is always number 6.
  7. Something else is always needed after safety,…: We like puppies! images-5
  8. Music: OH YES, we do play LOTS of MUSIC in the Huskies Pep Band, and we will start doing it, TOGETHER, on August 26! BE THERE!!

Mike “Mike” Christianson

Director of Huskies Pep Band

and…..”other bands”




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