Winner of National Cherry Festival “Most Humorous Entry” Award

While most classes at Michigan Tech are out for the summer members and alumni of the Pep Band gathered to go out and play at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City.

In waiting for the parade to step off, the band exchanged friendly heckles with other parade entries as they passed.

The band started the parade with a roar of their traditional 2001 Entrance, boasting stripes, Michigan Tech spirit, and vibrant music to the masses lining the streets. Alumni Karen Hood Zais commented the “Pep band was awesome, as usual…and the only band in the entire parade that played the whole route. Loved it!”

Through a strategically planned blitz of circus tricks, FDA-compliant jokes, and traditional sunshining the band earned the title of “2011 National Cherry Festival Most Humorous Parade Entry.”

The band would like to thank the Michigan Tech Alumni Association for providing funding for transportation, food, and most importantly, coordinating the host families for the band members’ night in Traverse City.

The simple truth is we couldn’t have done it without you!

“National Cherry Festival Queen’s Trophy: Most Humorous”



The band releases its first CD: Aural Pleasure


The band releases its first CD: For Your Aural Pleasure with all of the Michigan Tech favorites including:

2001 Intro

In Heaven There is No Beer

The Copper Country Anthem


Beer Barrel Polka

Fight Tech, Fight!



Once again, WCHA Final Five Host Band

The band was selected as the host band to the 2008 WCHA Final Five Tournament in St. Paul, MN.

Monty Python Themed Halftime Show (Bash at the Big House)

As part of a fundraising effort for Michigan Tech Football, the Michigan Tech Huskies hosted the Grand Valley State Laker at the University of Michigan Football Stadium. This was the first NCAA Division II game at the Big House in more than 20 years, and organizers hoped to beat the attendance record established Sept. 29, 1979, during a game between Pennsylvania teams Shippensburg and Slippery Rock.

The Huskies Pep Band, 160 members strong including 36 alumni, left their mark in Ann Arbor with their now infamous Monty Python Themed Halftime Show. How many other bands can say they fertilized an egg in front of 51,000+ people and then celebrated with a beer?