Huskies Pep Band Camp 2016: This One’s For The Kiddies!




The 2016 Huskies Pep Band Camp (or, as it is known in Iceland: 2016 Huskies Pep hljómsveit Tjaldvagnar) shall taketh place as follows:

Friday, August the 26th, REHEARSAL, McArdle Theatre, 4:30PM-8:30PM, EDT.

Saturday, August the 27th: MORE REHEARSAL, 9:30-11:30AM, EDT: Sherman Field,
(wherein we will practice invading merely one of the areas which we regularly or whimsically invade during our year)

That is mostly it. As we are the Most Civilized Variety of Sportsball Ensembles™ (not according to the New York Times, although they love us enough to have featured our honking splendor in a 2014 article online), we DO NOT spend time “intentionally forming shapes, ranks or files”, we just play music AND think of ways to have legal fun! Show up ready to honk and/or bonk! (by bonk we mean to operate a percussion instrument with the requisite motion necessary to generate a loud/stentorian sound, and we mean that alone!)

Other Items of Possible Necessity:

  1. Instrument/Locker rental: If you need an instrument (and in the HPB you mostly do…) and wish to use one of the school’s, you can, in some cases rent one! (You can also sign out a locker to store most instruments at $25US for the calendar year) The time that you should do this is: Friday August 26th, from 11-1PM in Rozsa 208.
  2. Bring your accessories: Mouthpieces, reeds, lyres, oil, sticks, (we provide mallets) shrubberies, alpacii, and of course, herring.
  3. Bring EARPLUGS: If you have them! We are a very LOUD band, for strategic pep reasons. We want you to BRING IT, (powerful sound) but we also don’t want you to LOSE IT (your hearing, or your herring….see what I did there?), as you’ll need that if you are ever selected for the Pulitzer Prize…don’t laugh, it happened on this very campus two years hence We can sell you a high-quality set at any time for about $6US as we have a sponsorship with a very fine maker of excellent earplugs.
  4. Food! There is a very helpful, industrious, benevolent music-support organization on campus called Mu Beta Psi. Their mission is to support music as non-majors. They will provide a dinner on Friday evening for all of us! Start thanking them now, and continue doing so all year.
  5. Hats: The Huskies Pep Band reveres and values stylish head-wear! (and by “stylish” we mean outrageous, ridiculous, and singular!) You are not required to wear said head-gear to the first meeting, but we’d like you to start imagining what might suit you. You are eventually required to sport an odd or physics-defying hat at all public events. Extra points are given if your hat features: electronics, self-defense mechanisms, or the ability to block out the sun. May your “headwear hopes” be “haberdashed”!
  6. Safety: Safety is always number 6.
  7. Something else is always needed after safety,…: We like puppies! images-5
  8. Music: OH YES, we do play LOTS of MUSIC in the Huskies Pep Band, and we will start doing it, TOGETHER, on August 26! BE THERE!!

Mike “Mike” Christianson

Director of Huskies Pep Band

and…..”other bands”




This Month in Pep: “I Always Wanted to Help the Pep Band Research Team”


Hey Pep Band!

As you may have heard from our facebook page, two of our band members are attempting to do research on the pep band itself! They want to interview you… and you, and you, and you. All of you! If you’re interesting (or even if you’re not) and are a former band member, please take a moment to fill out their form!

Click me! I’m the link!

NCAA Elite Eight Tournament!!


The Huskies Pep Band is proud to join our women’s basketball team at the NCAA Elite Eight in St. Joseph, Missouri after they won their third consecutive NCAA Midwest Regional Title!!

Follow the band’s journey to St. Joseph 140 characters at time on Twitter!

Twenty-oh-ten-2011 season in full swing

After a relatively restful start to the semester, the Pep Band season is now in full spring. With performances at the Parade of Nations and a home football game under their belt, the band is in the midst of it’s busiest week so far this year, with four performances.

Last night the band made a surprise appearance at the kick-off event for the public phase of the Generations of Discovery capital campaign. Highlighting the night for the band was a performance of “Big Spender” led by David House (Tone, ’65), who has donated over $10 Million toward the capital campaign, for which he also serves as the volunteer chair. House, who was a longtime executive at Intel and is currently Chairman of Brocade Communication Systems, was presented with a customized Michigan Tech Hockey Jersey and a pair of stripes to mark the occasion. The band is even briefly mentioned in the Daily Mining Gazette article on the event.
David House Leads the Huskies Pep Band in "Big Spender"

Later today the band will participate in the annual Homecoming Parade, this year starting in Downtown Houghton and moving back toward campus along College Avenue, finally ending at the Homecoming Pep Rally on campus.

Tomorrow the band can be seen at the Homecoming Football Game against Ohio-Dominican, and at the exhibition Hockey Game against Nipissing.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, the band recently published and distributed the first issue of The Striped Times, our new semesterly newsletter. Highlights of this first issue are an article about the Battle at the Ballpark game and performance from last October, a profile of 2nd and 1.5th Generation members of the band, and an update on the band’s new location at Hockey Games. This issue is available right on this very website under “Newsletter” above.

2010-11 Huskies Pep Band Camp: Now with 5G

Mark your calendars: The 2010-11 Huskies Pep Band Camp will be Friday, August 27 from 3:00-7:00pm and Saturday, August 28 10:00-12:00p in McArdle Theatre (in Walker).

As usual, dinner will be provided on Friday evening by the lovely people of Mu Beta Psi.   The first football game is September 18 against Wayne State which gives us a little more time to prepare than usual – but not much.  Leave your quiet voices at home.

If you are an incoming student…  Have a look around – check out the FAQ page.  If you need an instrument be sure to come to the instrument check-out on Friday, August 27th at 10:00am (if you can’t make it to the check-out email Nick ).

If you are a returning member…  Keep checking your email for information regarding pre-registration, early stripe checkout, and the best time to watch the tenor saxes formicate (please note the spelling…)

We’ll see you at 3:00pm on Friday, August 27th!


Good News Everyone!

Photos are back on the DaWGs Website. Just clicky that link up top to see the Pep Band in Action from this year.

Then and Now

Music is a great example of a dynamic art form. Each performer of a song brings their own personality and style to their interpretation of the composer’s work. Over time a song can even come to resemble it’s earlier versions in little more than name. A great example of this is the Michigan Tech Fight song.

This first version is a restoration of a 1948 recording of Warney Ruhl and His Band performing Fight Tech Fight, Engineers! Weighing in at 2:29 this recording is not only much longer than the 0:53 recording of the song (with tags) from the 2007 Album For Your Aural Pleasure. It is vastly different in style as well, with more of a march/polka feel. The modern version also features a Wind introduction, as opposed to the drum roll-off of the earlier version, and tags at the end in place of more repetitions of the main melody.

Personally I think the newer version is much Peppier, but perhaps I’m biased. Either way, it’s interesting to see where we came from.

Fight Song, 1948 Style (mp3 3.42 MB)

Fight Song, 2007 Style (mp3 2.03 MB)

Endurance Pep Band

This past weekend brought the first official events of the Pep Band Season, and a long day for the DaWGs.

Friday Night the band helped pump up the crowd at the Pep Rally hosted by the newly re-opened Mine Shaft and Rock House Grill as part of their Grand Opening weekend. Band members enjoyed bowling, go-carts, and food while not playing for the crowd.

The annual Parade of Nations was held Saturday Morning with the Huskies Pep Band participating, as usual, though this year there was significantly less musical participation overall with the Pep Band being joined only by the Houghton High School Marching Band and Batucobre, the Copper Country’s Local Samba Bateria.

Immediately following the Parade was the band’s first athletic event, the Home Football Opener against arch-rivals Northern Michigan University. The Half-Time show this week was “The Number One Hits that Make You Groan” and featured Starship’s “We Built This City (On Rock and Roll)”, Hanson’s “MMMbop”, Ace of Base’s “The Sign”, and Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Achey Breaky Heart”. Due to time limitations both the Half-Time and Pre-Game performances were cut short, but the band played far more during the game than in years past, helping to keep the energy up at Sherman Field. Sadly, NMU proved to much for the Huskies and captured the Miner’s Cup.

Next weekend brings #1 Grand Valley State to town for the first Michigan Tech night game at Sherman Field.

2009-10 Huskies Pep Band Camp: Real. Comfortable. Chaos.


Mark your calendars: The 2009-10 Huskies Pep Band Camp will be Friday, August 28 from 3:00-7:00p and Saturday, August 29 10:00-12:00p in McArdle Theatre (in Walker).

As usual, dinner will be provided on Friday by the lovely people of Mu Beta Psi Friday.   The first football game is September 19 against NMU which gives us a little more time to prepare than usual – but not much.  Leave your quiet voices at home.

If you are a returning member…  Keep checking your email for information regarding pre-registration, early stripe checkout, and the defenestration of clarinetists.

If you are an incoming students…  Have a look around.  Check out the FAQ page.  If you need an instrument be sure to come to the instrument check-out on Friday, August 28th at 10:00am (if you can’t make it to the check-out email Nick ).  We’ll see you at 3:00pm on Friday, August 28th!

Another Year, Another Band Camp

It has been a year to the day since the last real update to our website, and for that I must apologize. This is why I stopped doing my own blog 😛

Anyway, you’ll notice some changes to the site, so take a look around, and join us for band camp Friday, August 28 at 3 PM in McArdle Theater.